Discover more about regeneration

Who is regeneration for?

regeneration is for everyone. We are a group of your average, everyday people with a rich blend of ages, cultures and backgrounds. We’re as much for people who don’t know Jesus as we are for those that do.

Do you have to be a Christian in order to attend?

Not at all. Come and see what it’s all about.

How long does your service on a Sunday go on for?

Church starts at 6.30pm and usually finishes at 8pm, although sometimes it overruns. We serve tea and coffee half an hour before our service begins so feel free to come early and make some new friends. Sometimes it has been our fault that the service has finished late, but often God has been doing stuff and we didn’t want to interfere with that.

If you’re new to regeneration, please feel free to hang around after Church in our Welcome Lounge where we would love to chat to you and offer you some free refreshments. The Welcome Lounge is the first door on your right as you exit the main church building.

How long are your talks?

A typical talk will be around 30 minutes. When we have really engaging guest speakers, we sometimes let them go on for a bit longer. Time flies when you’re having fun.

What is the dress code?

Pretty much, as long as you are decent, anything goes.

Do you have a seating plan?

We don’t have a seating plan at all. We encourage people who go to our church to sit in a different seat each week to break tradition and get a different perspective on things.

We do, however, want everyone to sit as close to the front as possible. It’s much better and more encouraging for people giving the talk when the closest person isn’t sitting in row Z, and seeing as the church gets pretty full, it’s easier for people coming late to find a seat if everyone is sitting towards the front and to the middle of the rows.

Will I be made to give some money?

If you’re visiting – even if you’re from another church – there is absolutely no obligation to give. If you consider yourself to be a member of regeneration, we encourage you to give as the Bible tells us, generously and cheerfully, with 10% of what you earn being a benchmark.

Giving is treated as a private and personal matter; no one from regeneration is going to be keeping a record of what you give individually except for purposes of Gift Aid should you wish to give in that way.

What happens to the money I give?

Just as we encourage people at regeneration to give 10% of what they earn, we also give out at least 10% of what we bring in which goes towards supporting charities and community projects, all of which do not directly benefit us. Charities we have supported in the past include International Justice Mission, Open Doors, The Bible Society and Compassion UK.

The rest of what we have goes towards running the church.

Do I have to say anything?

Only if you want to. Some of our talks promote discussion in pairs or small groups, which are then sometimes fed back into the talk, so you could share what you discussed if you so wish.

Unlike some other churches, we don’t have what they call ‘liturgy’ or taking it in turns between the speaker and congregation to read a set passage of text from a book. We like to keep things informal.

Do I have to dance or sing?

No. During some of the more energetic songs we play, you might see a few people dancing and clapping, but that doesn’t mean we expect you to.

As for singing, there will be time spent doing this as a church in two sets of worship. You don’t have to sing the songs – you could just read the words or watch the musicians. We encourage people to stand if they are able, but this is optional.

Do you have a Crèche?

We have a Crèche at our Sunday service where you can watch the service on a TV screen while you sit with your little ones, or we can look after them for you while you enjoy yourself at church.

Is it ok to leave before a service is finished?

It’s fine if you need to leave at any time and for any reason. Our doors stay unlocked – and fully open during warm weather – throughout the service.

How do I become a member?

We do not have formal membership but rather believe that membership is a state of the heart. We believe that a commitment to follow Jesus, regular attendance at church and Charcoal, financial giving and a willingness to serve are the best indicators of a person's membership at regen.