To develop and maintain a strong communication infrastructure in the church and assist in guiding people through their journey of being welcomed, becoming a Christian, serving and giving

What this involves

  • Recruiting, empowering and organising people according to their strengths and giftings
  • Maintaining and growing the church Roster
  • Following up, or distributing to the relevant department, completed Response, Giving, Serving or Welcome Cards
  • Organisation of events such as the annual Church Residential and the Leadership Retreat
  • Other day-to-day admin tasks
What skills are desirable

  • Meticulousness, attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to inspire people, selling them the vision for a role
  • Ability to organise people according to their strengths and giftings
  • Skilled with Google Sheets and Microsoft Office
What time we need you to serve

The Resource Centre box that houses completed forms should be checked after Church every Sunday and after Charcoal every Tuesday. The completed information should then be distributed to the relevant person or department within three days of receiving the information. Volunteer recruitment and empowerment is an ongoing cycle, so you’ll always need to be on the lookout for people to be part of a team.



Your contact for Administration is Kate
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