To create exceptional copy with a signature tone of voice

What this involves

  • Writing copy for the church website and Facebook events
  • Creating press releases for online and printed publications
  • Creating memorable and relevant series titles
  • Creating memorable and relevant hashtags to accompany series and special events
  • Creating copy for social media posts
  • Reviewing other people’s written material such as manuals and short books
What skills you need

  • Write accurately in regeneration’s tone of voice – informal, warm, succinct and clear
  • Create copy that adheres to regeneration's style guide of writing
  • Create to reasonable deadlines
  • Take feedback and suggested changes of your copy without being easily offended or defensive
  • Work both collaboratively and independently
  • Distinguish and appropriately use hyphens, en dashes and em dashes
What time we need you to serve

Requests for copy are usually sent a good number of days – and in some cases, weeks – ahead of time, allowing you space and flexibility to create. As with any organisation, some requests come with a fair weight of time-pressure and may require you to help out at unusual, but hopefully not unsociable, hours – you are a volunteer after all and we want to value your time.

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Your contact for Copywriting is Ben Spearman
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