To create remarkable, purposeful graphics, video and digital experiences that provide an appealing and authentic sample of the church

What this involves


  • Creating testimony videos for the website
  • Creating testimony videos for Baptisms
  • Producing short stories or videos for use during special events such as Christmas Eve and Easter
  • Creating promotional videos of the church
  • Creating promotional videos of church events
  • Filming the church, in regeneration’s photographic style, for promotional video and library use


  • Collaborating on the branding and direction of regeneration Church
  • Maintaining, developing or creating branding collateral for regeneration Church and events
  • Creating backdrops and subsequent collateral for preaching series
  • Offering ideas and thoughts on the physical location and form of collateral with the church
  • Choosing imagery and creating graphics for regeneration’s social media profiles
  • Choosing or creating appropriate imagery or graphics to accompany social media posts
  • Choosing or creating appropriate imagery for Poster, our monthly newsletter


  • Collaborating on the design, development and direction of the current and future church websites
  • Finding and fixing coding errors and bugs
  • Maintaining the relevance of the website through up-to-date information, copy and imagery
  • Running A/B or user testing
  • Interpreting analytics, test results and trends to enhance the performance, effectiveness and relevance of the website
  • Improving SEO to ensure regeneration appears high up or ranks number one for key terms
What skills are desirable


  • Create to reasonable deadlines
  • Ability to work both collaboratively and independently
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work under authority and as part of a wider team
  • Take feedback and suggested changes of your videos or footage without being easily offended or defensive


  • Ability to create emotionally moving, relevant and exceptional videos
  • Ability to film in regeneration’s photographic style

Graphic Design

  • Good knowledge and appreciation for typography, clean design and user centred-design
  • Create remarkable and relevant compositions and material, adhering to guidelines where necessary
  • Good working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator, or other design applications, and legal ownership of the respective software
  • Great design taste
  • Maximise the potential in a photo through cropping and colour grading
  • Mutual dislike and uninstallation of Comic Sans, Papyrus, Hobo and Curlz


  • Good knowledge and appreciation for user centred-design
  • Knowledge of SEO, user testing, analytics interpretation, web design or web development
  • Good knowledge of the Drupal platform
What time we need you to serve

Depending on which role you take will depend on how much time-pressure each role has.

Videos are usually scheduled in at least three weeks before they are due to be aired. Design requests are usually sent a good number of days – and in some cases, weeks – ahead of time allowing you space and flexibility to create. However, some things are changed or required last minute and may require you to help out at unusual, but hopefully not unsociable, hours – you are a volunteer after all and we want to value your time. Web design, development and analytics are no doubt the most relaxed in terms of deadlines out of the three, although if we’ve been hacked that probably needs fixing ASAP. Let’s hope that’s not the case.

Sound like you?


Your contact for Design & Creative is Ben Spearman
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