To run events of a consistently professional standard that are accessible to everyone regardless of their faith and are easy to invite people to

What this involves

We run a number of events throughout the year, but these depend entirely on the needs of the community and the direction we feel God taking us in. The type of events we do include:

  • Family fun days
  • Pampering evenings
  • Music nights
  • Celebratory events
  • Community Meals
  • Christmas Eve services

Each event is planned individually, so there’s no set team until we start planning. They usually involve:

  • Creating and planning events that fall in line with the DNA and culture of regeneration
  • Recruiting, empowering and organising people according to their strengths and giftings
  • Working to a budget if there is one
What skills are desirable

  • A passion for putting on an excellent event and to better the last one
  • Being a creative thinker and planner, or a details person
  • Ability to inspire people, selling them the vision for the role
  • Ability to organise people according to their strengths and giftings
  • Take feedback and suggested changes of planning without being easily offended or defensive
  • Work to a deadline and under pressure

Each event is supported by a wide base of volunteers with various giftings and there’s always room for everyone. All you need enthusiasm and a willing heart. Let us know what you’re good at and we will see where we can best use you. Our events need everything from amazing singers to talented cooks to friendly faces, so we can usually find a great role for everyone.

What time we need you to serve

Each event has bespoke planning planned so your involvement depends on the type of event, how much planning is needed and what gifting you have.


Your contact for Event Planning is Rebecca Poch

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