To develop and carry out a warm, inviting and inclusive culture throughout the church, and help people integrate into the family

What this involves

  • Making each person feel part of regeneration
  • Saying hello to people before Church
  • Saying goodbye to people after Church
  • Managing car parking
  • Welcoming people from their car, especially in adverse weather conditions
  • Showing people to a seat, especially when they arrive late or the church is near capacity
  • Setting up and clearing away the Tea & Coffee area
  • Serving tea and coffee before Church
  • Setting up and clearing away the Welcome Lounge
  • Hosting in the Welcome Lounge
  • Cooking for the Welcome Lounge
  • Hosting national and international guests and making them feel at home
  • Assisting with information and wayfinding
  • Giving people information about the church and helping them to fill out Welcome Cards
  • Working with the Communications Team to ensure key material about the church, events, serving and giving have high visibility and are easily accessible
What skills are desirable

  • A passion for people
  • Talkative and smiley
  • Lively, kind and approachable personality
  • Initiative
  • Barista experience
  • Good catering skills
What time we need you to serve

Welcoming begins at 6pm on a Sunday for Church and continues in various capacities through to about 9pm. The Tea & Coffee is normally set up at 5.45pm on a Sunday, along with the Welcome Lounge, ready to serve people drinks for 6pm. The Welcome Lounge is opened immediately after church has finished and the Hospitality Team will guide people into this area and continue to make them feel at home.

National and international guests usually plan their visits a few weeks in advance, and the Hospitality Team will be notified with the appropriate information in good time, often arriving earlier than usual on a Sunday to help prepare refreshments and give them a warm welcome.

Can you help?


Your contact for Hospitality is Alicia Edmund
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