To take remarkable and authentic images that capture the essence of the church

What this involves

Taking photos of a wide range of people across a range of events. This can be using a DSLR or smartphone, according to your preference, experience and ability. We can provide equipment for you to use.

DSLR photos are may be used for branding collateral and on the website, social media, newsletters and external websites or publications. Usually, smartphone photos are only used for social media.

Alternatively, you can join the photography team just to edit photos, maximising the potential of someone else’s imagery through cropping and colour grading.

What skills are desirable

  • A passion for great photography
  • Ability to take great photos in low-light conditions
  • Take feedback and suggested changes of your photos and edits without being easily offended or defensive
  • Inability to take a photo that could be confused with a corporate stock image
  • Ability to take photos in regeneration’s photographic style

Unless we are taking portrait photos, we don’t have people looking at the camera. We don’t do staged group photos or anything like that, but take a relaxed, hidden approach that undoubtedly yields more natural and personable photos. For this same reason, we don’t take photos of people during ministry time, where they may be feeling vulnerable

We take photos of people. As nice as a f1.4 picture of a roast chicken might be for the Community Meal, we focus on the human side of things. Therefore, it’s not in our style to take pictures of the building or inanimate objects that don’t have people clearly using or interacting with them

Healthy and happy
It seems only natural to want to take a photo with someone at their best. That’s usually not when they’re eating, or when they’re displaying a usually absent double chin. Take a photo as you would like one taken of you

What time we need you to serve

The majority of our photos are taken during Church on a Sunday, but we like to have a library of photos with each event being represented with a wide range of people.

Want to give it a go?


Your contact for Photography is Ben Spearman
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