To model and lead the church in Spirit-filled, authentic worship

What this involves

  • Facilitating the church to meet with Jesus
  • Serving other churches and events through worship
What skills are needed

  • A passion for worship, whether you are leading or not
  • A passion for your instrument or gifting
  • Abide by the Worship Team Guidelines
  • A commitment to excellence
  • Ability to work under authority and as part of a wider team
What skills are desirable

  • An excellent knowledge of all of the songs sung at regeneration
  • Ability to play songs without sheet music on a stand
  • Mastering of the Nashville system
  • Ability to play to a click track and in 4/4, 3/4, 6/8 and 12/8 time signatures
  • Take feedback and suggested changes of leading or playing without being easily offended or defensive
  • Encourage others in their playing and journey with Jesus
  • Great team player and contributor to a healthy team dynamic
  • Punctuality and respect for other people’s time and energy
What time we need you to serve

Worship happens at the following events in varying capacities:

A band rehearsal starts at 4.50pm before church that week, and each member is expected to have setup their own equipment, as well as assisting in the general setup of the church and setup of other band member’s equipment, before that time.

The Worship Team is large and we deliberately share serving in this capacity so band members have time off to worship away from the stage. You will not be scheduled to play every week or at every event.

Want to get involved?


Your contact for Worship is James Poch
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