What is regeneration’s signature?


We believe that the message of Jesus is relevant today.
We have a duty to present the Gospel in a way that is accessible to today’s fast changing culture.

Creative + Contemporary

We determine to worship God in a style that is both contemporary and relevant.

We aim to use current technology, particularly in lighting, sound and creative arts, to create an atmosphere where people can meet with God.


We value hospitality.

regeneration aims to be a church that welcomes people with open arms, enabling them to encounter the unconditional love of God. People can come as they are and engage on a level where they feel comfortable, yet feel challenged to grow in their discipleship.

Authentic Discipleship

We endeavour to produce 'world class disciples'.

The teaching should speak into people’s lives without compromising biblical truth. We believe that encountering Jesus transforms lives. Great importance is placed on teaching, small groups and individual accountability. We expect our leaders to live exemplary lives, modelling to the rest of the church a lifestyle that is in line with New Testament teaching. We encourage transparency and integrity, whilst recognising that none of us are the finished product. We take seriously Jesus’ commandment that we should go and make disciples. Therefore, everything we do as a church will be missional. One of the roles of the church leadership is to equip the people at regen in their personal witness, loving and serving a world in need of a Saviour.


The spiritual gifts of the New Testament are relevant today.

We endeavour to be a church filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit and encourage members to use and grow in their gifting. We are committed in bringing all aspects of life to God in prayer. Through prayer, lives are changed and transformed.

Inclusive Leadership

Leadership is a gift given by God.

We value team leadership, consisting of both men and women. As a leader, Jesus served and so we seek to model and encourage the same. We believe in the ministry of the body of Christ. Sometimes releasing new leaders is risky and it doesn’t always go to plan, but is essential to growth. It is important that the target age group of the church is always represented on the leadership team. We place no intentional emphasis on having leaders of a certain age.

Flexible + Fun

Our Church structure needs to be flexible.

We will ensure that our organisation allows us to make quick, yet effective decisions. We will embrace change as God leads us, and always remain open to His direction.


We want to be at the centre of our community.

We seek to bring the Good News of Jesus into the community as a catalyst for personal and social transformation. We seek as a church to primarily exist for those who are not yet part of us.


God has called us to build his Kingdom.

This will require sacrificial giving of our time and resources. Therefore, we seek to build strong links with other local churches, working where possible in partnership in local mission. As a sending church, we will be generous with the resources that God has given us.