Who We Are

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regeneration is a vibrant church that believes Jesus Christ is relevant for people today.

We seek to create an accessible church for everyone, where we worship and discover more about God in a way that makes sense in the culture we live in.

Church is about people connecting with God and each other. We do our best to provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, where you can come as you are and discover with us the life-transforming power of God.

We aim for engaging and challenging talks in our Sunday service that empower you for the whole week. Whatever age or background you’re from, and whether you know Jesus personally or not, we hope you will leave inspired and challenged.

The rest of the week is full of events that we hope will both entertain you and allow you to learn more about God. He isn’t just for Sundays, so we don’t want to be either.


As an active and contemporary church, regeneration seeks to relate to the needs of the emerging generation of Christians and non-Christians today. The events, services, and projects we share in are designed to communicate the message of Jesus Christ through clear words and loving actions. We work hard at making the Good News of Jesus Christ accessible to today's society.

Being a church held together by a common cause, we seek to live out the meaning of life as we have discovered it in Jesus Christ. We encourage every member to fulfil their purpose as part of the body of Christ.

We do this through loving acts of service, giving, fighting injustice and a determination to act with integrity in everything we do. Individual members of regeneration are encouraged to share in the responsibility of telling others of the love of God, inviting them to live lives to the full in Jesus Christ. Our vision is to be a sending church into the local area and the world.

We are determined to live life as Jesus has given it to us – to the full.